l e g g i n g s

I collaborated as a visiting artist with Geode Designs and Do Anything to create two original designs for printed leggings using imagery from my thesis.


Oakland Grid Leggings



Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 11.12.14 PM











Circuit Leggings











Keri Wilson: Founder and Designer

“Born and raised in a creative family in Laguna Beach California I wanted to see more of the universe.

After moving to New York City I started to connect with a variety of amazing artists. Being a designer

my medium has always been fashion, however I have never liked the industry.  While living in New York

I had the idea of taking images that were inspirational to me and applying them to fabric. I liked the

concept of expressing what I saw on a wearable medium. After realizing the endless creative opportunities

that this process could afford, I wanted to connect with other artists so they could also share their story.

That is how GEODE was created.”